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  • Bossier Parish Community College

            MATH 099-INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA is designed to review the concepts of algebra II. We will review 

    • exponents
    • operations of polynomial expressions
    • operations of rational expressions
    • operations of radical expressions
    • solving equations that are linear, quadratic, rational and radical

    *This all may sound "Greek" right now, but by the end of these teaching modules, you will be accustomed to the math vocabulary and be able to perform the operations of mathematics to algebra with ease.


    MATH 102 (COLLEGE ALGEBRA) covers topics from algebra including

    • complex numbers
    • radical and rational equations
    • linear and quadratic equations and inequalities
    • absolute value equations and inequalities
    • slope and graphs
    • inverse, exponential, and logarithmic functions
    • systems of equations and inequalities
    • conics

    NOTE: Open Campus courses are non-credit reviews and tutorials and cannot be used to satisfy requirements in any curriculum at BPCC.

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